Recruiting Email Templates That Actually Work: Email Templates for Recruiting Salespeople

As a recruiter and hiring manager you must be able to effectively connect with sales professionals on a daily basis. Your recruiting efforts are based on strategic efforts of reaching a large audience of qualified candidates. You need a pipeline of talent. One of the most frustrating aspects of recruiting is emailing candidates with no reply. Here are some of our own recruiting email templates that have a high response rate. From first time connect, to job introduction, to referrals and more.

Recruiting on LinkedIn

A majority of connecting and recruiting efforts take place on LinkedIn. It is the #1 social media site for professionals and job seekers to connect. It is also a permission-based environment, meaning you need to have your connection request accepted before you can send messages to candidates. If you have a LinkedIn Premium account, you can send InMail messages which allow you to message a person without having to be a connection first. Here are some different recruiting templates to connect with candidates on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Connection Invite Message

Instead of sending the generic LinkedIn connection request message of “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn,” consider personalizing the request.

Hi (First Name), I came across your profile while looking for (job you are trying to fill). I recognized that you are gainfully employed, but was wondering if you might be interested in a lead position with us (or at least discussing it). Thanks, (your name)

Do you share any connections with them?

Hi (First Name), I noticed that we share quite a few connections and I would like to add another talented sales professional like yourself to my network. Looking forward to connecting.

And if the candidate is entry-level, try this:

Hi (First Name),

This is your elevator pitch. It should not be “complicated” to explain, even if it is a complex sell. Highlight your company in 1-3 sentences. Remember, this could be the first introduction and impression a candidate has of your company.

LinkedIn Accept Invite Message

Hi (First Name),

This is your elevator pitch. It should not be “complicated” to explain, even if it is a complex sell. Highlight your company in 1-3 sentences. Remember, this could be the first introduction and impression a candidate has of your company. Once someone accepts your request to connect on LinkedIn, make sure you send a message with more details for reaching out.

You can also send a similar message to reach out to your existing connections that may be a fit for the role you are recruiting for.

Hi (their name),

Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I am currently working on a (state the job) role for my company (name your company). You have an impressive background and thought it would be wise to connect.

Due to our company’s growth and strong management, we are looking for a talented sales professional with SaaS selling experience to join our team. This is an inside sales opportunity where you will be growing out a Northeast territory and calling on C-level marketing executives.

Hi (their name)

You and I connected a few weeks ago and I wanted to circle back. I am not sure if you are actively of selectively considering new opportunities, but I am currently working on a targeted search that might be of interest to you.

I am currently looking for a Business Development Representative (enter the job title) who is looking to transition to a full closing role. I feel that this opportunity may be a possible fit based on your background. I welcome a call to discuss this role and the company.

Let me know when you have a few minutes to talk.


(your name, number, email)

LinkedIn Follow-Up

Remember you’re in sales so expect that not everyone will respond on a first attempt. Set reminders and tasks to follow-up with someone about a particular opportunity if you have not heard back from them This shows them that you are truly interested in their background and not just sending generic emails to everyone. In this message you can get a little more specific.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Describe the responsibilities and daily tasks. The job description should be clear and concise. Use bullet points to highlight each point. Be sure to provide metrics and activity required for certain responsibilities.

Tailor the tasks and responsibilities to your own role. Be sure to include:

  • If it is an individual contributor role or sales management role
  • If it is sales management, state the number of reps
  • If they receive a book of business to get started
  • What territory they will manage
  • What products/services they are selling and their value proposition
  • How they will manage and implement sales targets, pipeline, and other KPIs
  • Where they get leads (marketing or cold calling/emailing)
  • What team quota they are responsible for
  • Who they are selling into (industry and title)
  • What departments they will collaborate with (engineering, marketing)
  • Where they will report to (office location)
  • If this is an inside sales role that requires some travel (how much travel)
  • Who they will report directly to (executive team)
  • How their role impacts a culture of success (engaging and retaining top performers)
  • If they are charged with sales recruiting efforts
  • If they strategize around revenue growth objectives and with who
  • If they review and adjust compensation plans along with sales cycle and deal size
  • How they will track and report sales activity (metrics and CRM system)
  • How they will support their sales team (what training is provided)


List the qualifying factors to be considered for this sales role. Requirements are typically the deciding criteria to gauge whether or not a sales candidate has the relevant experience.

Make sure you are realistic when building out the requirements. What is required to be successful in this sales leadership position? What are the backgrounds of existing top sales performers?

Be sure to include:

  • If a bachelor’s degree is required (within a certain major or field of study)
  • How many years of sales experience is needed
  • How many years of sales management experience is required
  • Experience selling into a specific industry (software, healthcare, IT, finance)
  • Experience selling to a specific audience and at what level (Marketing Manager, CFO, VP of HR, Manufacturing Team Lead)
  • The ability to be in an office daily, or travel (how much), or work remotely
  • Experience using a CRM system, such as
  • The ability to work cross-functionally across different departments
  • Positive and creative sales coaching experience to motivate and support a sales team to achieve quota
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • If they need experience managing a specific territory
  • If they need to be fluent in another language


Salary can either be the driving traffic factor to your open job, or a disqualifying indicator. Salary needs to align with years of experience required, so adjust accordingly to the level of your business development role.

If you choose to list salary, consider using a range for both base compensation and OTE.

For instance:

  • Base Salary: $150,000-$175,000
  • On-Target Earnings: $300,000-$350,000

Perks and Benefits

In this section, include company benefits as well as any additional perks specific to the business development role. Perks and benefits give job seekers a deeper look into the company culture and values. They can also equally as influential as salary. Include what your target audience cares about.

If you provide any of the below benefits or more, consider highlighting:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance (What percentage is covered?)
  • Vacation and other PTO offerings
  • 401k (with company match) and other investment options
  • Equity or company stock options
  • Company provided laptop, phone, or car
  • Quarterly company outings
  • Annual sales leadership retreats
  • Commuting discounts
  • Monthly incentives and rewards
  • Monthly/quarterly sales training workshops
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Wellness programs (Do you have a free on-site gym?)
  • Paid time off to volunteer

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