Top Advice When Recruiting Top Sales Talent FROM INDUSTRY LEADERS


We work with many incredibly talented sales leaders that share different perspectives to sales recruiting and on different occasions we ask a select few to share their opinion with our community.

Our goal with this eBook is to share a fresh perspective on sourcing, interviewing and hiring sales candidates.

We asked 9 sales professionals for their best sales recruiting tip and hope their advice helps you recruit top sales talent.

James Buckley
Business Development Manager at RingLead, Inc.

My tip for recruiting top sales talent – “Give a shit about them and show it early in the interview process.”

In most instances, we don’t know if a candidate can actually sell until after we hire them. The proof doesn’t come until later. You have to give them a reason to perform well and create an environment that promotes their willingness to come to you with what they need to succeed. Then…you have to listen and provide.

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Mark Hudson
Co – Owner at Unishippers

If I had to give one tip, it would be to pay attention to the first 60 seconds of the conversation. Are they enthusiastic, professional and engaging? This will be the first impression that their prospects get as well. Sometimes it is easy to rationalize your way into a hire but that first juice is the most important.

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James Murphy
Vice President of Global Sales at DEVTECH

The candidate experience matters tremendously, especially in being able to attract top talent. If you head hunt a top sales person, make it easy for them to go through the process, don’t have them waiting weeks for an interview or feedback, and make your decisions quickly!

Make it easy for those that are looking for a role to apply with your company. Keep it simple – upload their resume and enter the best contact info. Then make sure your recruiters are screening those resumes, looking at their LI and reaching back out, quickly.

If you wait too long, its very possible the candidate has already moved on. Remember the sales job market is hot right now, so you have to stand out..

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Amir Reiter
CEO at CloudTask

When recruiting sales professionals it’s essential you look for someone who’s persistent, coachable and has a willingness to learn and grow.

In sales, attitude is everything. You’ll only truly succeed if you’re persistent. I’ve hired people before when I wasn’t even recruiting because I was so impressed with their desire to work with us and follow-up that I thought, if he does this with me, what will he do with our prospects!

However, if you’re just persistent and don’t take a step back to look at how you can learn and improve, you’re not going to grow and achieve the results you can. Therefore, look for examples of when someone’s both taught themselves something that has gone on to work, but also ask them for a scenario where they’ve succeeded after coaching. Both these factors are important.

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Sean Cashman
Vice President of Sales, Sourcing as a Service at
Treeline, Inc.

f you speak with a candidate that says “I am happy where I am and I am not actively looking.“ then you know that you are sourcing correctly.

The question is, do you know how to recruit correctly? I you give up at this point then you misunderstand the art of recruiting. To stand out from the crowd you must learn how to connect with hard to get candidates and listen to their wants and needs. Everyone wants to hear about a new opportunity to make more money and grow professionally.

Take leadership and makes sure you don’t make this mistake.

We help companies recruit and hire salespeople and we help sales professionals find great new sales jobs. At Treeline, we’ve built an organization of professionals who know the industry inside and out. We listen, probe, and work hard to understand exactly what you want. We know that time is money… especially in sales. So we listen. We do our homework. We move fast. And we deliver.

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Justin Moreland
Account Executive at

Recruiting top sales individuals starts within the organization itself. Meaning if you have top performers in an organization that values culture first and performance second then that will attract other top sales individuals.

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Gio Flores
Director of Sales at Confirmit

Top Sales professionals, for the most part, aren’t looking for a new opportunity if they are a top performer at their company so when you recruit top sales professional, make it worth their while to have a conversation with you. Show them the growth path and stroke their ego. Be ready to provide incentives, an amazing compensation plan, and the opportunity for growth.

Bonus Tip: My one piece of advice for sales people in today’s market is to choose a boss/manager that you would want to become in 5 years.

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Adon Rigg
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at
Insightful Selling Solutions

One of the common hiring mistakes I see companies doing repeatably is hiring based on a criteria such as experience, because they don’t have the resources to invest in training and development. This is a mistake that costs the organization in the long run. The most successful organizations hire the person that fits the system and can execute the primary role they will be playing for the company’s future.

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David DeMelo
Vice President of Sales, Contingency at
Treeline, Inc.

The job market for sales talent is very competitive. Companies are looking
to grow and moving at light speed to hire strong sales professionals.

So, how do you stay competitive? One of the easiest and quickest ways to find great candidates is to recognize that the best resource is right in front of you. That resource is your current sales team. Your top performers know other top performers. Put a friendly competition together, offer money, prizes, dinner. Creative incentives to help remind your team that you are hiring and the company is growing. Your sales team will help you but are focused on closing business. Make sure you constantly remind them that you are hiring and stay top of mind.

Most important get creative.

We help companies recruit and hire salespeople and we help sales professionals find great new sales jobs. At Treeline, we’ve built an organization of professionals who know the industry inside and out. We listen, probe, and work hard to understand exactly what you want. We know that time is money… especially in sales. So we listen. We do our homework. We move fast. And we deliver.

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Every company has their own creative ways to recruit top sales talent. But many times you need a fresh perspective to help you think outside the box. Hopefully you have found these tips to be helpful.

There is no silver bullet to hiring top sales talent. It is hard work and you have to be prepared to do the heavy lifting.

Try these tactics and hopefully they will give you a fresh start on sourcing, recruiting your process and much more.

If you hit a wall and find your team to be stagnant call our team at Treeline and we will do the heavy lifting for you. We will build your pipeline, simplify your process and make your job much easier.

Please let us know if you would like to share your suggestions for our next eBook.

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